Baby names inspired by romance

Our favourite baby names inspired by romance & love

Baby Names inspired by romance & love

Check out our favourite baby names inspired by romance and love and find the perfect name for your little one.


When you’re choosing a baby name for your little one, the month of the birth can have an impact on the names you choose. For February this means you may well be thinking about picking a name that means or evokes feelings of love and romance.

To make you job a little easier, we’ve picked out our favourite selection of boys and girls baby names inspired by romance. From books, to films to plays, there’s plenty of Valentines inspired baby names to choose from.

Our personal picks for boys name are Romeo (of course), Edward (Mr Darcy and the sparkly vampire Mr Cullen) and Eros (the Greek god of love).

For girls names we’re particularly fond of Juliet (obviously), Rose (the flower and the Titanic heroine) and Freya (the Norse god of love, beauty and wisdom).

Girls Names

1. Rose

2. Valentina

3. Juliet

4. Roma

5. Freya

6. Lana

Boys Names

1. Romeo

2. Edward

3. Carwyn  

4. Eros

Baby names inspired by romance