Top 10 names for boys and girls inspired by artists

From Blake for a boy or Paloma for a girl, get some ideas from artists to choose your baby’s name

Baby names inspired by artists

Take an artistic approach to choosing your baby’s name


When choosing your baby’s name you may already have names in mind, names you’ve always liked, names relating to family you want to carry on or you may want to look for ideas further afield.

If this is the case why not consider inspirational artists from the past.

Famous photographers, painters, artists, architects and designers have inspired a host of names over the years and continue to grow in popularity.

Take designers. Coco and Chanel are two popular choices, or for a boy Armani is a strong inspirational name.

For artists, the dynamic personality and paintings of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo have inspired growing numbers of parents to resurrect this form of the name.

Homer is a name that has travelled from the ancient Greek scribe of the great classical epics right through to Bart Simpson’s impish dad. 

There are different types of art, and it’s all highly subjective. Names like Jasper could be inspired from an artist - or also the movie and book series Twilight. Others come from the surname of a great artist (Goya) to the name of a painting (Mona).

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Here’s our list of great inspirational artistic names you may want to consider:


1. Blake

2. Conrad

3. Bailey

4. Pablo

5. Armani

6. Raphael 

7. Turner 

8. Hopper

9. Jasper

10. Homer


1. Paloma 

2. Frida

3. Eva

4. Angelica

5. Goya 

6. Magritte 

7. Simonetta 

8. Imogen

9. Georgia

10. Mona

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Top 10 names for boys and girls inspired by artists