Hipster names for boys 2017

Here's our top 10 hipster name choices for little boys in 2017

Coolest boys names predicted for 2017

What's the coolest name for a little boy in 2017? Here's what we think...

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There are some surprising trends in our 2016 baby names data, yet trend themes we’ve seen over the last few years have continued. Royal names remain hugely popular, and we’re seeing parents of baby boys increasingly take inspiration from the USA’s most popular boys’ names, with names such as Noah, Mason, Ethan, Jacob and Harrison.  

For boys in 2017, these American naming trends are likely to continue with babies being given monikers like Elijah, Albie and Zachary – although perhaps not Donald!

The top 10 highest climbing names for boys reflects some unusual trends with Arlo (up 62 places) and Ezra (up 43 places) are significant in the top 100. 

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Based on their rise in the ranks this year, these boys’ names mark our predictions for hipster names in 2017.

1. Arlo
2. Ezra
3. Reggie
4. Jaxon
5. Louie
6. Albie
7. Finn
8. Carter
9. Elijah
10. Theodore

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Hipster names for boys 2017