What baby names are cool for 2016?

Here’s our top 10 boys and girls cool names for 2016

The coolest names for babies 2016

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It’s a case of anything goes for this year’s coolest names. Think original and feisty, then go a tad further with an exotic spelling, a K instead of a C a la Kardashian (Kohen for a boy, Kadence for a girl) or just a different take on a regular name (Cait, Adelina, Tipheny, Bronsonn). Adding or changing just one letter is emerging as a cheeky new trend to stand out from the crowd.

Leonora is one to watch, derived from Eleanor but a little more exotic, as is Lucia (from Lucy) and Luca (from Luke or Lucas). Greek influences (Zephyr and Xanthe) are also expected to make an impact this year.

Thea (version of Theodora) is another one to watch, as is Nya, a pretty name of African descent meaning purpose, an interesting take on Mia or Mya.

For boys, biblical names are not too cool for school with interest revived in Abel and Ezra, while the Germanic Drexel may seem a tad unusual, it could well be inspired by the popularity of Dexter. 

There’s also renewed interest in Benedict - which could have something to do with the Cumberbatch appeal!

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1. Adelina

2. Leonora

3. Lucia 

4. Nya

5. Luna 

6. Zephyr 

7. Xanthe

8. Kadence

9. Thea 

10. NyaCait 


1. Abel 

2. Beckett

3. Ezra 

4. Rafferty

5. Bronsonn

6. Drexel 

7. Kohen 

8. Arlo 

9. Luca

10. Benedict

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What baby names are cool for 2016?