Hipster names for girls 2017

Here's our top 10 hipster name choices for little girls in 2017

Coolest girls names predicted for 2017

What's the coolest name for a little girl in 2017? Here's what we think...

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Throughout the last year, more old fashioned names remain in vogue, with the popularity Evelyn, Ivy, Violet, Eliza, Penelope and Nancy increasing. For baby girls, in 2017 we’re expecting to see more parents unearth forgotten ‘vintage’ names such as Rita, Audrey, Esther and Lucille.

The 2017 trends may well be influenced by expectant celebrity mums like Geri Horner (formerly Geri Haliwell) who already has a ten year old daughter called Bluebell Madonna. Plus the quirky and unusually named songstress, Paloma Faith may also raise a few eyebrows with her baby name choice when she gives birth in the new year. Plus let’s not forget that Cheryl Cole is sure to set a trend no matter what name her and Liam’s baby is given. 

Overall, the top 10 highest climbing names for girls reflects some strong and unusual trends with Luna, up 38 places and a new entry into the Top 100 at 91, plus Aria is up 32 places and surprisingly, the more traditional, Maria is also up 26 places.  

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Based on their rise to fame this year, we predict that these girls’ names look set to be hot contenders to become the hipster names of 2017.

1. Luna
2. Aria
3. Maria
4. Penelope
5. Nancy
6. Brooke
7. Violet
8. Darcie
9. Annie
10. Zara

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Hipster names for girls 2017