Rarest girls’ names

Looking for a name more rare and different name for your little one? These unusual names are unique

One-of-a-kind girls’ names

Browse our hand-picked one-off list of unusual baby names to help you decide on a really rare name for your baby girl

One of a kind rarest girls names 474

If it’s a virtually unique or at the very least, a highly unusual baby name choice you want for a little girl, we have these gems to share with you.  

We’ve combed the many the 1000s of names that Bounty mums have chosen for their little princesses this year, to bring you some inspiration for that perfect name with an exclusive edge, that we guarantee will not be common in the playground.

Whilst names like Willow, Summer and Autumn are unusual but not unheard of this year saw some newcomers in eccentric names relating to nature. Just a handful of baby girls have been given these names in the past year. These include Fox, Tiger, Snow, Pebbles and Briar (like the rose) or Sorrel after the perennial herb.

Names of precious stones are also a unique way to go with girls’ names. The name Ruby, may be a regular in the top 20 girls names, but Opal and Diamond were given to less than half a dozen babies last year.

Television’s favourite Poldark is also influencing unusual name choices and indeed less than a handful of baby girls share names with the characters, Demelza, Morwenna and Morven

Here is our chosen top 25 of unusual names for girls' that will be truly one of a kind in the playground.

  1. Cici – Is of Latin/Old Welsh origin meaning ‘’blind’ or ‘sixth’.
  2. Coraline – Is of American origin meaning ‘heart’, ‘maiden’.
  3. Fox – Is of Old English origin meaning the animal fox the that is ‘smart’, ‘creative’ and ‘cunning’.
  4. Snow – Is of Old English origin meaning snow - ‘frozen rain’.
  5. Opal – Derived from the gemstone opal and is the birthstone for October.
  6. Orianna – Is of Latin origin meaning ‘dawn’, ‘gold’.
  7. Briar – Is of English origin meaning ‘a thorned shrub’ and was the name of Sleeping Beauty ‘Briar Rose’.
  8. Demelza – Is of Cornish origin meaning ‘fort of the hill’.
  9. Morwenna – Is of Welsh origin meaning ‘maiden’, ‘sea wave’.
  10. Morven – Is of Gaelic origin meaning ‘pale’.
  11. Diamond - Derived from the gemstone diamond and is the birthstone for April.
  12. Giselle – Is of French origin meaning ‘beautiful like the stars’.
  13. Nula – Is of Irish origin meaning ‘shoulder’ or ‘lamb’.
  14. Marlow – Is of English origin meaning ‘from the hill by the lake’.
  15. Pebbles – Inspired by the popular animated show The Flinstones.
  16. Aspen – Is of American origin and means ‘Quaking Tree’.
  17. Sorrel – Is of French origin meaning ‘reddish brown’.
  18. Posie – Is of English origin and is named after the flower Posie.
  19. Colbie – Is of English origin meaning ‘from a coal town’.
  20. Tiger – Is of American origin meaning ‘powerful cat’.
  21. August – Is of Latin origin and developed from the surname ‘Augustus.
  22. Lordes – Is of French origin meaning ‘craggy slope’.
  23. Elkie – Is of Old German origin meaning ‘noble’. 
  24. Tamika – Is of Hebrew origin meaning ‘palm tree’.
  25. Tatum – Is of Old English origin meaning ‘cheerful bringer of joy’.

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Rarest girls’ names