How to manage bleeding gums during pregnancy

Pregnancy affects your body as a whole and this includes your teeth and gums. Here’s some helpful advice from oral health experts, Zendium, on how to manage bleeding gums during this time

Bleeding gums in pregnancy? Here’s what you need to know

If your oral health is affected during pregnancy, there are some things you can try to ease the symptoms, oral health experts at Zendium offer these handy tips

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There are many symptoms you might be prepared for during your pregnancy, but something women don’t often anticipate is bleeding gums. Here oral health experts, Zendium help you understand the reasons why this may happen and how to manage it if it does.

Why might you get bleeding gums during pregnancy? 

Pregnancy causes a higher risk of developing gum problems like sensitive or bleeding gums due to hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy. Bleeding gums are an indication of potential gum disease, and if left untreated, can get worse, so it’s important to consult your dentist if you notice blood while brushing or flossing your teeth.

How to help bleeding gums 

If you have noticed your gums are bleeding do visit your dentist for a check-up and to get some advice on managing it during your pregnancy. 

There are some products on the market that can help at home. Zendium toothpaste is clinically proven to improve gum health.* Zendium’s prebiotic benefit promotes good bacteria associated with gum health and helps reduce bad bacteria associated with gum problems.** It is designed to work in harmony with your mouth to strengthen its natural defences. Its SLS free toothpaste (SLS stands for sodium lauryl sulfate – a chemical compound that functions as a foaming agent in many personal care products. It's largely responsible for the foam created in toothpastes, shampoos) formula is clinically proven to be 4 times kinder to your mouth than a regular toothpaste with SLS***.

Using a soft toothbrush, such as Zendium’s soft brush, may help if your gums are sensitive or bleeding, as the bristles are extra-soft to ensure it’s gentle on your gums.

If you are ever worried about your mouth, teeth, or gums while pregnant, do get advice from a healthcare professional. For most women, attending regular dental checks, observing good oral hygiene, and using specifically designed products such as Zendium can help to keep your mouth healthy.   


*Refers to a 13 week gum health clinical study, China 2019 (n=109)
**Refers to the gum health and gum problems associated bacterial species in dental plaque which changed significantly over a 14-week clinical study with 102 subjects. 
*** Compared to a toothpaste with SLS, 30 mins after use

How to manage bleeding gums during pregnancy