Should I wear a pregnancy support belt?

Pregnancy support belts and how they can help

What is a pregnancy support belt?

A pregnancy support belt, otherwise called a belly band or maternity belt, is designed to ease discomfort during pregnancy by supporting your lower back and abdomen.

Pregnant woman with maternity belt

Benefits of wearing a pregnancy support belt

Lower back pain is common in pregnancy. This can be due to the extra off balance weight as well as the expanding uterus which shifts the woman’s centre of gravity and can weaken abdominal muscles. This can make it difficult to participate in everyday activities, especially if you are on your feet a lot during the day. Your back can feel tired and sore, which a belly band can help alleviate.

During pregnancy, people may also experience sacroiliac (SI) joint pain which occurs due to an increase in the hormone relaxin. This hormone prepares your body for labour but also causes hip joints to become less stable. This can make you feel uncomfortable when walking or sitting for long periods. Pregnancy support belts can help support this region and stabilise the joint.

As you enter into your second trimester you might also experience round ligament pain, which are common stretching pains in the hip and below the belly due to extra weight and pressure. A maternity belt can help distribute the weight to relieve this pressure and bring comfort. Most pregnancy support belts have an elastic side panel to ensure comfort and are adjustable to accommodate your growing bump.

Gives you support

If you’re on your feet all day you might find that a pregnancy belt helps to support the uterus and reduce discomfort from pelvic pain. It could also help give you a feeling of support during physical activities such as taking long walks. As well as support, belly bands can help facilitate proper posture by supporting the lower back and preventing overextension which can weaken the core muscles that support your spine. Aside from wearing the belt you can facilitate a healthy posture by exercising safely during pregnancy, for example taking part in pregnancy yoga.

Should I wear a pregnancy support belt?