Pregnancy and travel: How to stay safe

It’s important to ensure you are safe while travelling now you’re pregnant, the lowdown

Stay safe travelling when pregnant

Our guide to staying safe while travelling now you’re pregnant

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It’s fine to keep travelling when you’re pregnant – whether you’re commuting to work, driving to the shops or jetting off on a luxury holiday. With a few precautions, you can get there safely and happily, so sit back and enjoy the ride!


You can ward off fatigue and dizziness by drinking regularly, eating healthy snacks and stopping for breaks. Keep an eye on your snack and water intake with this handy food tracker. 

Keeping fresh air circulating will help too. Protect your bump by wearing your seatbelt with the cross strap between your boobs and the lap strap across your pelvis under your bump - not across it for obvious reasons. 

And take it easy - road accidents are a common cause of injury in mums-to-be, so only drive when you feel up to it. Avoid long trips on your own and always ask people to share the driving.

Stay strong on public transport

Planning carefully and being assertive about seats makes all the difference – especially when you’re commuting. Make sure you keep snacking and drinking water, avoid high heels, take breaks and ask for a seat! 

Up, up and away!

The good news is it’s perfectly safe to take to the skies when you’re pregnant, but you do need to discuss any pregnancy complications with your midwife before you go. It’s also best to avoid flying too late in the pregnancy – you don’t want to give birth on a plane! And check your airline’s policy – many are strict about flying in late pregnancy and may require documentation. 

A luxury break is great way of winding down before your little one arrives, and with a few precautions, you can do it all safely. So check out our quick guide to a healthy holiday. 

Pregnancy and travel: How to stay safe