Tips to help you cope with a toddler and pregnancy at the same time

Pregnancy tiredness and a lively toddler don’t mix, try these to help

9 ways to help cope with pregnancy with a toddler in tow

Keeping up with a lively toddler while carrying a big bump isn’t easy, here’s some tips that will help

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Surely no endurance sport on earth is harder than looking after a lively toddler when you’re pregnant? ‘At least last time I could rest!’ you mutter as your toddler happily waddles towards danger and you heave yourself slowly off the floor to stop them.

Take a deep breath and read our 9 ways on how to lighten the load.

  1. Enlist help - it’s easy for family to forget how tired you are, but you are making a baby, so ask for help with childcare
  2. Antenatal appointments – it’s fine to take a toddler, midwives will be used to it. Just go armed with snacks and distractions.
  3. Libraries, playdates and playgroups – seek out small, safe places where your toddler can play while you supervise from one comfy position!
  4. Get refreshing sleep – sleep deeply and recharge your batteries with bump-friendly positions. Ask your other half to take the night-shifts if your little one is still being a monkey at silly hours.
  5. Eat well – boost flagging energy levels with a healthy pregnancy diet that includes plenty of omega-3 essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.
  6. Get moving – exercise will reduce stress and help you sleep at night too. Why not try pregnancy yoga, swimming or a brisk daily stroll with the pushchair? You can monitor daily activity with our exercise tracker tool.
  7. Quiet time – introduce a time slot each day where your toddler plays quietly in their room or watches TV, while you enjoy a brief, glorious rest.
  8. Keep calm – it’s normal to feel a bit low or stressed in pregnancy, but if it’s not going away speak to your GP or midwife.
  9. Have fun – doing silly, creative activities with your toddler can make you feel much more chipper, so check out what’s on locally.

Tips to help you cope with a toddler and pregnancy at the same time