How do I prepare my child for a new baby?

A new baby isn’t easy on an existing child, but there are things you could do to help

10 ways to help your child bond with a new baby

Children can feel resentful when a new baby comes along, here’s ways to help avoid it

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You’re about to give your child their best present ever – a brother or sister they’ll love for life! But of course some kids feel a bit jealous and confused to begin with.

Here’s 10 ways to help them bond with baby right from the beginning...

  1. Tell them early on – make sure they don’t find out second hand when people start congratulating you in the street!

  1. Get change out of the way – if you need to make changes, like moving rooms, do it way in advance so your emotional toddler doesn’t feel pushed out.

  1. Don’t blame the bump – if you’re feeling exhausted, it’s better to say you’re ill, so your toddler doesn’t start resenting the new arrival.

  1. Give them a job - let them 'help' you prepare for the new baby, like unpacking all your newborn kit

  1. Do some ground work – read them stories about growing families, like Waiting for Baby by Rachel Fuller.  Or remind them what a newborn looks like with a slideshow of their baby pictures. Hanging out with friends who have siblings will also give them a taste of their new life

  1. Big up their new role – make them feel super important by emphasising their 'big brother' or 'big sister' role

  1. Let them ‘break the news’ – they’ll love telling a much-loved relative (even if Uncle Tom secretly knows already!)

  1. The power of presents – we’re not going to call it a bribe, but how many toddlers can resist a present giver?

  1. Prepare for a bit of regression – don’t worry if your toddler suddenly becomes clingy or cries a lot when they new baby arrives – it’ll soon pass!

  1. Spread the love – ask family and friends to make a mahoosive fuss of both children when they come round, (not just the newborn!)

How do I prepare my child for a new baby?