Pregnancy Nursing Chair

Pregnancy Nursing Chair

A good pregnancy nursing chair is indispensable as you can use it to feed your baby, comfort your newborn or to relax in with a cuppa after a long day.

At a glance

  • Ideal for breastfeeding, relaxing and comforting your baby

What is a pregnancy nursing chair?

A nursing chair is a seat designed for you to nurse your precious little one in. The chairs have a glider rocker motion built-in but don’t be mistaken, these aren’t the same as rocking chairs which have large rocker legs attached to them.

Do I need a pregnancy nursing chair?

We bet you’d find a pregnancy nursing chair extremely useful due to its range of uses. As a product, it’s quite multi-purpose (which we love) and can help with gently rocking your baby to sleep, breastfeeding and late night feeding, relaxing or even reading your baby a bedtime story.

What types of nursing chairs are out there?

Most nursing chairs on the market don’t typically vary in their style or functions but we do recommend testing it out to see if it’s gentle on your bottom. After all, you will be sitting on it for long periods of time!

They also should be fairly low to the ground for easy access of any products you need when nursing your baby. Some nursing chairs come with fabric pockets so that you can neatly store all your essentials.

If you’re wondering about colours, they tend to be neutral to allow for them to fit in with the décor in every room and not just in the nursery – but that’s not to say you can’t find a cute blue or pink one. Some may also come with a matching footstool to give your some additional comfort.

Is it safe?

Nursing chairs are designed with you and your baby’s safety in mind and in many cases, the padded sections of the nursing chair can be removed and washed to maintain hygiene levels.

Where can I buy one and how much do they cost?

You can buy nursing chairs from popular retailers such as Argos, Kiddicare, Mothercare and Amazon. Depending on the style and matching accessories, a standard nursing chair can cost £130 and can be used as furniture for any room.

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At a glance

  • Ideal for breastfeeding, relaxing and comforting your baby