Pregnancy Pillows

A pregnancy pillow fits around your body to support you while you sleep.

Pregnancy Pillows

We know there are many changes happening to you during each week of your pregnancy including having to adjust your posture while sleeping. This may be a little uncomfortable but there is a pregnancy product that can help - lo and behold, it’s the pregnancy pillow.

At a glance

  • Usually a large U or C shaped pillow
  • Helps to support your body whilst you sleep
  • Can usually double as a breastfeeding support pillows

What is a pregnancy pillow?

Pregnancy pillows are large ‘u’ or ‘c’ shaped pillows which fit around your body to support you while you sleep. They’re shaped in a way that is comfy and supportive, without taking up too much space in your bed (though if there’s ever a time you’re entitled to bed-hogging, it should be when you’re pregnant!)

Many pregnancy pillows also double as breastfeeding support pillow after the birth so you get double the amount of usage and value out of buying one.

What are the benefits of using a pregnancy pillow?

As your bump grows you may find the increasing pressure on the body causes pain or discomfort in your back, neck and legs, which makes it difficult to sleep. Though this is completely normal, it’s still no fun to deal with, especially when your body is already likely to be feeling tired.

Though pregnancy pillows might look a little strange, the way they support your body can work wonders for reducing these aches and pains and can help you to sleep more peacefully.

Pregnancy pillows are also beneficial as they encourage you to sleep on your side, which is the sleeping position doctors recommend while pregnant.

Is it safe?

Pregnancy pillows are designed with safety in mind and you’ll be able to find pregnancy pillows that have been approved by midwives. If you have any concerns, consult your doctor as he or she may be able to recommend a specific type of pillow that would best suited to your needs.

What types of pregnancy pillows are out there?

You’re sure to be spoilt for choice as there are many types of pregnancy pillows on offer, from full body support pillows to pillows that help more with discomfort on a specific area of your body.

The most popular types include:

A full body pillow – These are commonly seen in C or U shapes though there are other shapes that can deliver the same support.

Wedge pillow – A wedge pillow can easily be placed under your baby bump to keep your belly supported and relieve pressure from your back when you sleep on your side.

Neck support pillow – If you tend to sleep on your side a lot, a neck support pillow can be extremely handy in supporting your neck and head as well as helping to keep your spine well-aligned.

Back support pillow – Not only does a back support pillow wrap around your back to provide support but it can also prevent you from rolling onto your side during your sleep.

Where can I buy one?

As it’s a must-have product for many mum-to-be’s, you should be able to find these easily on the high street or online. Some of the most popular brands that stock pregnancy pillows include Argos, John Lewis, Kiddicare, Amazon and Mothercare.

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How much can I expect to pay for a pregnancy pillow?

The cost for a pregnancy pillow varies depending on the type. The price for all the types we have talked about can range from £10 to £50.

Can I use my pregnancy pillow after birth too?

Yes, it’s great for using after your pregnancy.  Some mothers often find the pillow helpful during the breastfeeding phase and some carry on using it just because it’s snuggly and comfy.

On some occasions, we’ve even seen it become the resting place for a beloved canine/ feline pet!

At a glance

  • Usually a large U or C shaped pillow
  • Helps to support your body whilst you sleep
  • Can usually double as a breastfeeding support pillows