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Baby boys’ and girls’ names with military meaning

Military inspired names may just be what you’re looking for in a baby name, take a look at our selection.

Baby names meaning military

If you like the idea for a baby name with its meaning inspired from the military, read on.

military baby names

If the military has significance to your family, you may like the idea of choosing a baby name for your baby based on a military theme relating to ranks, armaments, ceremonial symbols and even the military alphabet.

Take a look at our selection of baby names for boys and girls that have a meaning related to the military.

Military boys’ names

Lance: Of Germanic origin (Lanzo) meaning ‘land.’

Sergeant: Is of Latin origin meaning ‘to serve.’

Jet: English word for a jet (plane).

Rocket: English word name.

Major: Is of Latin origin and means ‘greater; or a military leader.’

Cannon: Word name for a cannon, related to the military.

Flint: Of English origin and means ‘born near outcrop of flint.’

Garrison: Of English origin meaning ‘son of Garrett.’

Crew: English word name that works as a boy’s name.

Bowie: Association from Scottish army name, and means ‘blond.’

Raf: In reference to the Royal Air Force.

Romeo: A handsome sounding name from the military alphabet.

Oscar: As in ‘over and out’ in the phonetic A-Z.

Military girls’ names

Marine: Of Latin origin meaning ‘from the sea.’

Arrow: Word name increasing in popularity as a girl’s name.

Navy: Inspired from the seagoing armed forces, the Navy.

Oceane: Of French origin and inspired by navy personnel and Chiefs.

Scout: Of American origin and means ‘first explorer.’

Honor: From the Latin word meaning dignity.

Delta: An exotic sounding name from the military alphabet.

Cadence: Refers to ‘keeping in step.’

India: From the phonetic alphabet.

Liberty: In reference to fighting for freedom.

Sailor: A pretty yet strong sounding name.

If you still need more inspiration, we’ve rounded up a selection of baby names that mean strong and wise.

Baby boys’ and girls’ names with military meaning