Top 10 baby names with positive meanings for boys and girls

Start positive and stay positive by choosing a name with positive meaning for your baby

Baby names with positive meanings

Take a look at our choices of baby names that derive from positive meanings


We have high hopes for our little ones - we want them to be strong, hard-working and happy individuals when they grow up. Why not inspire this early on by choosing them an uplifting, positive name to help them on their way - it certainly can’t hurt!

Asher and Felix are both derived from the word happy, while the meaning behind Isaac is laughter. Other uplifting examples include Ethan (strong), Riley (courageous), and Alfie (wisdom). Pax (peaceful) is a bit out there for some but it has a nice ring to it.

For girls, Faith and Hope are two old favourites that never seem to lose their charm, while if you looking for something aspirational how about Alisa (great happiness) or Naomi (joy)? The ever-popular Sophia (wise) and Olivia (peace) are also uplifting choices or you could opt for Mia (wished-for child) or Phoebe (shining one). Esme (esteemed, beloved) has also been a popular choice in recent years.

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Here’s our top ten baby names for both boys and girls


1. Asher (happy)

2. Sebastian (revered)

3. Isaac (laughter)

4. Ethan (strong, firm)

5. Felix (happy)

6. Pax (peaceful)

7. Max (greatest)

8. Alfie (wisdom)

9. Riley (courageous)

10. Benedict (blessed)


1. Sophia (wise)

2. Mia (wished for child)

3. Olivia (peace)

4. Allegra (joy)

5. Faith

6. Hope 

7. Alisa (great happiness)

8. Esme (esteemed, beloved)

9. Naomi (joy)

10. Phoebe (shining one)

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Top 10 baby names with positive meanings for boys and girls