Names meaning happy for girls and boys

Choosing your baby’s name based on what it is means is a popular option, and a great meaning for your baby’s name is happy!

Baby names that mean happy

What better meaning for your little one’s name than happy.

baby names meaning happy

Whether you’re expecting a boy or girl, or don’t know, we’ve got some great name ideas to celebrate your little one with all these names which mean happy.

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Boys’ names

Asher: Is of Hebrew origin and means ‘fortunate, blessed, happy one.’

Cayo: is of Spanish origin and means ‘rejoice.’

Fane: Means ‘someone of a cheerful disposition’ and originates from the Middle Ages.

Felix: Is of Latin origin and means ‘happy, fortunate.’

Gale: Of Old English origin meaning ‘cheerful or happy.’

Hani: Is of Arabic descent and means ‘happy, content.’

Isaac: Biblical name meaning ‘laughter.’

Zorion: Has Basque origins and means ‘happy.’

Eddie: From the Old English name Edward, meaning ‘rich or happy.’

Peli: Comes from the Latin American meaning ‘happy.’

Naim: From the African meaning ‘happy.’

Denton: Has English origins and means ‘happy home.’

Blythe: In English means ‘happy, merry.’

Teddy: Can be derived from Theodore meaning ‘divine gift.’

Oysten: Originates from Norway and means ‘happy.’

Oron: A friendly, yet strong name meaning ‘happy.’

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Girls’ names

Farrah: In Arabic means ‘happy.’

Alisa: Is of Hebrew origin and means’ of great happiness.’

Allegra: Is of Italian origin and means ‘joyous.’

Halona: Is of Native American origin and means ‘happy fortune.’

Naomi: Means ‘pleasantness’ in Hebrew.

Nara: Of Celtic origin and means ‘happy.’

Ada: Is of German origin and means ‘noble, happy.’

Bliss: In English meaning ‘joy, happy.’

Edie: From the English name Edith meaning ‘happy.’

Joy: Meaning ‘delight’ or ‘great happiness.’

Rafa: Originates from Arabia and means ‘happy.’

Aida: Is of Italian origin and means ‘happy.’

Felicia: Derives from the word meaning ‘happy’ in French.

Felise: Latin American origin meaning ‘happy feminine.’

Una: From Danish origins meaning ‘to be happy.’

Felicity: Latin origin meaning ‘good fortune, happy.’

Ilaria: Italian meaning ‘cheerful, happy.’

Leta: Meaning ‘joyful, glad’ in Latin.

Latin origin meaning ‘bringer of joy.’

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Names meaning happy for girls and boys