Baby names that mean beautiful

A beautiful baby girl deserves a beautiful name…so why not choose one that means beautiful!

Baby girls’ names derived from the meaning beautiful

For a beautiful baby girl, what better meaning for their name than simply beautiful?

baby names that mean beautiful

If it’s a little girl on the way, you may still be overwhelmed by the endless lists of top girls’ names out there. Why not base your name search around meanings and what better meaning for a girl’s name than beautiful? To help you find a beautiful name we’ve put together our selection of girls’ names that mean beautiful to inspire you.

Amara: Meaning strong, attractive, stylish, and the Esperanto form of Mary.

Belle: Meaning a beautiful girl or woman, the origin of the phrase ‘Belle of the ball’

Rosalind: Originates from Latin and means ‘pretty rose.’

Venus: Was the name of the Roman goddess of beauty.

Bonnie: From the French work ‘bonne’ meaning good but also a Scottish phrase used for pretty.

Mei: Often spelt May, is of Chinese and Hawaiian origin and means ‘beautiful.’

Shaina: Feminine name of Yiddish origin, meaning 'beautiful' or 'lovely.'

Callista: Comes from Greek origin and means ‘most beautiful.’

Adina: Originates from Israel and means ‘beautiful.’

Lilybelle: Means ‘beautiful lily’ and originates from Latin America.

Nelly: From the English name Ellen or Eleanor and means ‘most beautiful woman.’

Sapphire: From the Hebrew meaning ‘beautiful gem.’

Tegan: English name meaning ‘beautiful person’.

Jamilla: From the Arabic meaning ‘beautiful, graceful.’

Although from the Latin meaning ‘yielding to prayer’, the ‘Bella’ parts lends association to beautiful.

If you haven't decided yet which name to give your little one, we’ve collated some of our favourite girl’s names inspired by Disney.

Baby names that mean beautiful