Names for boys and girls with spiritual meanings

If you want a name for your baby that has spiritual meanings, here’s our list.

Baby names that mean spiritual

Looking for a spiritual meaning in your baby’s name? Read on…

spiritual baby names

When choosing your baby’s name, you may want to be creative and choose it based on what a name means, spiritual meaning names are a great start. Here are some of our favourites

Spiritual girls’ names

Angel: A celestial choice for a spiritually inspired name.

Bliss: An English word name that means calm, serene and certainly spiritual.

Destiny: English word name with spiritual connotations.

Eden: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘place of pleasure, delight.’

Faith: English origin meaning ‘virtue.’

Grace: English word name with spiritual meaning.

Heaven: English word name with spiritual meaning.

Madonna: Could there be more than one? Of Latin origin meaning ‘my lady.’

Serenity: Of Latin origin meaning ‘peaceful.’

Spirit: English word name sure to give her an identity and place in the world.

Harmony: English word name.

Spiritual boys’ names

Atlas: In mythology he carried the heavens on his shoulders.

Asha: Various origins meaning, ‘hope, desire of life.’

Salmon: Arabic meaning ‘spiritual seeker.’

Tej: Meaning ‘light, lustrous, power.’

Theodore (Ted, Teddy, Theo): Greek meaning ‘divine gift.’

Bodhi: Of Sanskrit origin meaning ‘awakening, enlightenment.’

Ever: English word name used as a boy’s name.

Justice: English word name popular as a boy’s name.

Pax: Latin origin meaning ‘peaceful.’

Peace: English word name.

Sky: English word, nature name.

Trust: English word name.

Zen: Is a Japanese form of Buddhism.

Zion: Is of Hebrew origin meaning ‘highest point.’

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Names for boys and girls with spiritual meanings