Boys and girls baby names that mean hope

If you’re looking for a name with a meaning, hope is a great choice.

Baby names meaning hope

We’ve rounded up a selection of names for boys and girls that mean hope.

baby names meaning hope

Choosing your baby’s name based on what the name itself means, is a popular choice today. Babies are a blessing so to celebrate your little miracle we have rounded up some boys and girls names which originate from the sentiment, hope.

Boys’ names

Matthan: Is of English origin and means ‘Gift or hope of the Lord.’

Kit: Greek origin meaning ‘hope and carrier of Christ.’

Dillon: Of Irish origin meaning ‘ray of hope.’

Kibou: Means ‘hope’ in Japanese.

Makas (Mak): Means ‘hope’ in Hebrew.

Benedict: Of Latin origin meaning ‘blessed.’

Berwin: Is of Welsh origin and means ‘blessing.’

Jesse: Hebrew origin meaning ‘gift.’

Nathanial: Meaning ‘God has given’ in Hebrew.

Saul: Meaning ‘asked for, prayed for’ in Hebrew.

Raza: Meaning ‘contentment, satisfaction, pleasure and approval’ .

Zane: Various origins meaning ‘gift’ and ‘beautiful.’

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Girls’ names

Asha: Of Swahili, Hindi, Sanskrit origin meaning 'hope; life.'

Faith: An English name that is often associated with hope.

Hope: English origin and means exactly that, ‘hope.’ 

Zita: Of Spanish origin meaning ‘little hope.’

Violet: English name meaning ‘faith in the language of flowers.’

Nadia: Is of Russian/Eastern European origin and means ‘hope.’

Estelle: Is of French origin meaning ‘star.’

Stella: Is of Latin origin meaning ‘star.’

Laelynn: Is of Canadian origin and means ‘flower of hope.’

Abigail: Meaning ‘dad’s joy’ in Hebrew.

Adora: Latin meaning ‘beloved one.’

Darla: A variant of ‘darling’ Anglo-Saxon in origin.

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Boys and girls baby names that mean hope