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24 weeks pregnant

What to expect this week

What's happening in week 24

24 weeks pregnant

You are 24 weeks into your pregnancy and your baby is now considered viable.

At a glance

  • Your baby now has a chance of survival if they were born early
  • You may feel unsteady on your feet with your growing bump
  • Keep your teeth in top shape with free dental care

How big is my baby at 24 weeks?

Your baby will now be around a foot long, and the size of an ear of corn. They weigh around 600g and will be gaining more every week.  At 24 weeks into your pregnancy, your baby would be considered viable and with a chance of survival if they were born prematurely. Have a look at our pages on premature birth for more information about early babies.

Even though your baby is mainly just laying down flat now, and growing a bit longer, there are some subtle changes also taking place within their body. Their little lungs are now maturing so they can breathe actual air rather than fluid, and the organs in their ears are starting to further develop so they can properly work out sounds – mainly your heartbeat and voice!

Their face will now be fully formed with eyelashes, eyebrows and hair. This will still be white due to lack of pigment, but will start to change colour soon.

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You at 24 weeks pregnant

Your growing bump might continue to take you by surprise at this stage of pregnancy, and could occasionally leave you feeling a bit unsteady on your feet as your centre of gravity shifts! Take care as you get up and down from your chair or out of bed – try to avoid standing suddenly and getting that rush of blood to the head feeling.

Some women will experience some dental problems at this point in pregnancy, such as bleeding gums or sensitivity – make the most of your free dental care and have a check up to make sure all is well with your gnashers – there is no truth in the old wives' tale that you lose a tooth for every baby – if you take care of your pearly whites (lots of brushing, flossing and mouth wash!) they will withstand your pregnancy perfectly well! 

What to think about in week 24

Buying for your baby is exciting, yet it can seem like there is a lot to get for someone so small, especially if it’s your first baby. Again, the key is in planning. Take a look at the Baby Costs Calculator below to get an idea how much you’ll need to set aside for your baby’s essentials, and work out how best to afford everything you need.

If you are starting to think about decorating your baby's nursery, it's very easy to be totally seduced by all the gorgeous nursery furniture and matching accessories – and they are beautiful if your budget and space allows, but don't agonise over your little one's room if you can't stretch to a complete make over. 

Your baby will really need very little to start with – a cot or Moses basket, a sturdy changing table and mat, and of course, clothes and a travel system

Remember you have got an awful lot of time ahead of you to make their little space perfect and it will be constantly evolving as they grow, so don't put yourself under too much pressure to splash the cash or go DIY crazy!

Whether you have experienced hypnotherapy in the past or not, you may be interested in how hypnotherapy may be able to help you in your pregnancy.

Depending on what symptoms of pregnancy you may be experiencing, there are a number of things hypnotherapy can help you during the pregnancy. It is used mainly to ease anxiety and relieve pain in childbirth. It’s also thought to help mums-to-be manage discomfort and in some cases even tackle postnatal depression.

It is important you choose a qualified hypnotherapist with a solid healthcare background, ideally someone who belongs to the UK Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) or regulated by the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC).

Whether your baby’s nursery is well on its way or you’re only just starting to think about furniture and colours, one thing that is worth investing the time in to get right, is your baby’s cot mattress.

The mattress is actually one of the most important purchases you will make for your baby. There are cheaper versions and more expensive, prices start around £20 and go up into the hundreds. Although this sounds excessive, it’s worth spending that little extra on the mattress and perhaps cutting back on other things.

When you choose your baby’s cot, you’ll often find they are usually sold without a cot mattress, so you’ll need to buy one separately. Your baby’s spine and bones are growing super-fast, so it’s important to ensure their mattress is be supportive, allowing them to rest and grow - and earn you a few extra zzzs!

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At a glance

  • Your baby now has a chance of survival if they were born early
  • You may feel unsteady on your feet with your growing bump
  • Keep your teeth in top shape with free dental care
Your baby's ears are developing and they can now work out sounds like your heartbeat and voice

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