Five of the best Moses' basket for under £75

Moses' baskets can be an option for all budgets, take a look at these

Moses' baskets on a budget

Moses' baskets don't have to be a real extravagance, here's some reasonably priced options

Mum to be next to moses basket

The Lowdown

Choosing your baby's first bed is a key decision for every parent. Cots and cribs are suitable from birth, but can be a bit vast for a tiny newborn. A Moses basket offers a cosier, more womb-like environment and will make your newborn feel more secure in the early weeks.
They're also compact enough to fit alongside a parent’s bed for nighttime feeds, even in the smallest of bedrooms. They often have carry handles that can be useful for carrying your baby around the house so you can keep an eye on them when they're napping during the day.

What to look for

A Moses basket is often a budget option compared to a wooden crib,  which can cost upwards of £100. You can find very basic models for around £25. More luxe versions with drapes and covers can be pricier though. Bear in mind that most babies will outgrow a Moses basket in around 12 weeks, so it’s not a great idea to blow your budget on this one item!
Traditionally Moses baskets are made from natural products like wicker or maize, but you can find more contemporary models made from man-made materials for a more modern look. These tend to be more expensive, but can help with any allergies.

Need to know

Most Moses baskets come with a mattress already. If you need to buy one separately, however, always make sure it fits properly with no large gaps. If in doubt ask the retailers advice.

John Lewis waffle moses basket

1. Moses basket, John Lewis, £40
Made from lightweight but durable palm, this classic Moses basket is a good purse-friendly buy, and comes complete with a mattress, hood and a woven waffle cover. The neutral colour way makes it ideal for both boys and girls.

Cuggl Waffle Moses Basket with Stand 250

2. Waffle Moses Basket with Stand, Cuggl, £49.99
The material inside is 100 per cent cotton and the hood is adjustable. The lining can be removed for washing and the quilt and mattress are included. Comes complete with Folding Moses basket stand.

izziwotnot classic moses basket

3. Classic Moses basket, Izziwotnot, £49.95
Available in a choice of white, grey, dark or light brown wicker, this well-priced model from the Moses basket specialists will tick every parent's box. Each basket is hand woven for an extra special touch. You get a mattress, coverlet and hood, plus a basket liner included, and you can pay extra for sheets and a stand from the wider Izziwotnot range.

Asda Moses basket 250 NEW

4. White Wicker Basket with rocking stand, Asda, £50
White Cotton Waffle Moses basket with bows on white wicker with white rocking stand, ideal for first bed for boys or girls.

Clair de Lune Moses basket

5. Clair de Lune Broderie Moses Basket £32.99
This traditional skirted Moses basket is a combination of Austrian Broderie Anglaise fabric and velvet for this vintage style Moses bedding set, while the basket is crafted from quality palm leaf.

Five of the best Moses' basket for under £75