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Aquarius mums are…

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What is an Aquarius mum like?

We take a look at Aquarius mums to uncover their typical traits


Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

An Aquarius mum is up on all things relevant whether it is the latest bands, the must-see films or fashion. 

This pays off with teenage children as their friends like to come over to see mum as well as their friend and teenage daughters can often be found raiding mum’s wardrobe for those fashion must-haves.

Life lessons are just as crucial as school lessons to an Aquarius mum and they may be found letting their children have that bit of freedom to explore the world and learn some valuable lessons for themselves. 

Rarely concerned by what others think, an Aquarius mum is a real free spirit and not really one to concern themselves with what others are doing. Live and let live is a motto many Aquarius mums live by. 

Teaching children tolerance and encouraging a diverse group of friends is key to an Aquarian mum. Friendship is very important and often Aquarius mums will treat their children as equals and friends. Taking the authoritative high ground may not always be easy for an Aquarius mum but sometimes it’s what the children need from their Aquarius mum.

Change is common in an Aquarius mum’s household with moods and temper liable for regular change. Focussing attention on the job in hand can be challenging for an Aquarius mum but an important one to persevere with.

Your parenting style in a nutshell: Modern, easy going, free spirit

Famous Aquarius mums:

Christy Brinkley
Alicia Keyes
Sheryl Crow
Elizabeth Banks

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Aquarius mums are…