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What is a Libra mum like?

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Libra (September 23-October 22)

A Libra mum doesn’t sweat the small stuff and is first on hand to cheer little ones up if they’ve had a bad day at school with an over indulgent ice cream to make it all go away.

There’s an artistic side to Libran mums who tend to have a passion for photos. Snapping those precious moments given them a daily reminder of some of those amazing experiences they share with their little ones.

Their relationship with their partner is key to Libran mums so if date night is that calendar, date night will happen no matter what, well, within reason! 

Libra mums like a bit of culture the odd trip to a museum or gallery—and enjoy getting the kids interested in a bit of culture. An occasional touch of snobbery can pop up as a Libran mum loves their little ones to know their culture and of course be the best dressed in the playground.

Childhood is precious to a Libra mum and they are known to go all out to preserve the innocence of the early years. Libra mums want their children to enjoy the good life and manners will be of big importance in their household.

Balance is something a Libra mum tries to maintain but can often be found struggling with being tough one minute, and a big softie the next. Hating conflict can see Libran mums avoiding harsh discipline where they can.

With a dreamy side, there may be occasions where Libran mums can find themselves distracted by that special pair of shoes in the window before reality kicks back in. 

Your parenting style in a nutshell: Changeable, patient, fair, a snob

Famous Libra mums:

Catherine Zeta Jones
Gwyneth Paltrow
Kate Winslett
Gwen Stefani

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Libra mums are…