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What is a Taurus mum like?

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Taurus (April 20th – May 21st)

Taurus mums can rule their home at times with a tough demeanour and standards are important to her. But once a Taurus has checked off that list and ensured all is how it should be, it’s time to let her hair down and party.

Refreshingly down to earth, a Taurus mum may always ensure the kids homework is always done on time, but might be the first to let their child have their ears pierced.

Excellent at budgeting and spending wisely, a Taurus mum believes in getting that return on their investment. This is no different when raising children, once little ones grow up, a little thanks for all the hard work she put in is appreciated. Children with good manners and respect authority are what Taurus mums set out to achieve. 

Not a mum who will try to be their child’s best friend, Taurus mums strive for closeness with their children, but want that respect first and foremost. To keep a happy household it helps if children never embarrass mum publicly, violate a core value, or outright disrespect a Taurus mum. Follow this, and there won’t be a problem!

The structure of raising little ones comes all too naturally to a Taurus mum, and when it comes to organising those top parenting priorities they’re on it!
Despite the stern exterior, Taurus mums are very down to earth.

Your parenting style in a nutshell: practical, diligent, sensible, fun

Famous Taurus mums:

Queen Elizabeth II
Janet Jackson
Uma Thurman
Renee Zellweger
Michelle Pfeiffer

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Taurus mums are…