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Scorpio (October 23-November 21) 

There’s no doubt that a Scorpio mum is the ruler of her home and master of the family. Whatever decisions she make for the children she will stick to her guns and will not be swayed by anyone.

Children of Scorpio mums certainly respect their matriarch and may even be ever so slightly scared of mum. Home is where a Scorpio mum’s heart is, and ensuring it’s the perfect space for the family is important.

Domestic calm is key to a happy Scorpio mum. Snuggling up on the sofa and watching films is a Scorpio mum’s idea of heaven and anything that involves being together as a family is central. Not so interested in the rest of the world once they have their tight-knit family around, Scorpio mums do all they can to make sure the family feels the same.

Some Scorpio mums can show signs of being a control freak and on occasions could be a little overpowering to little ones as they grow up. It’s sometimes hard for a Scorpio mum to separate that all-consuming love they have for their children and the need to let them spread their wings when necessary.  

Emotions can run hot and cold in a Scorpio mum’s home and this can see the happy, chatty, friendly mum become quiet and withdrawn fairly quickly. When in the right mood, love and affection is free flowing but when she’s not, it can be difficult for a Scorpio mum to show her affection openly.

Delivering tough love is all part of parenting to a Scorpio mum and she won’t shy away from what she feels is the right way to handle the current situation.

Your parenting style in a nutshell: Bossy, passionate, family-orientated, strong

Famous Scorpio mums:

Demi Moore
Hillary Clinton
Julie Roberts
Calista Flockhart

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