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What is a Capricorn mum like?

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Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

Whether in good times or bad, the Capricorn mum holds the family together. Keeping the home secure for the family and a level of financial security is key to a Capricorn mum. This shows in the strong work ethic a Capricorn mum often has and in some cases may even be the family’s main breadwinner. 

A Capricorn mum is happy to take on the tough role in the family if necessary whether this is setting the family’s rules or upholding discipline. Being the one to say ‘no’ to the children doesn’t faze a Capricorn mum as she is confident she is doing the best for her children’s future.

Traditional values are important to a Capricorn mum and can often be found continuing in family traditions to keep them alive and pass them on to the next generation. This sense of tradition can also be seen in how close Capricorn mums tend to be to their own parents and making their family proud is important for a Capricorn mum.

With plenty to worry about being a parent, Capricorn mums can find they take the weight of the world on their shoulders and sometimes it’s worth remembering not to sweat the small stuff. Trying not to let the pressures and demands of being a mum take over, Capricorn mums may on occasion need reminding to make the most of life as a mum and have some fun!

Your parenting style in a nutshell: Serious, organised, strong, traditional

Famous Capricorn mums:

Michelle Obama
Kate Moss
Annie Lennox
Christy Turlington Burns
Donna Summer

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Capricorn mums are…