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Leo mums are…

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What is a Leo mum like?

We take a look at Leo mums to uncover what kind of mum you are


Leo (July 23rd -August 22nd) 

A real party loving mum is our Leo with their passionate, centre of attention nature. Leo mums take on the role of playmate as well as mum keeping children entertained in after school activities from sport clubs to piano lessons, dance or Scouts. Children of Leo mums are likely to grow up to be well-mannered, creative characters. 

Children’s milestones are religiously recorded by our Leo mums and their children bring out that proud mama side. Leo mums are happy to share the pride of their greatest accomplishment in life with anyone who’ll listen.

As much as Leo mums love to be life and soul and their kids playmate, when the rules need to be laid down, Leo mums will do it without hesitation. That phenomenal willpower and aspiration is a positive example to set for little ones and the children of Leo mums tend to feel safe and secure under their fierce protection.

A straight forward parent, Leo mums don’t tend to believe in sugar coating life for their children, or using fluffy names for body parts. 

Chaos can reign in a Leo mum’s home on occasions as that dramatic, passionate side can rear up Leo mums can occasionally make mountains out of molehills. So it’s worth remembering that not all situations warrant a full scale drama.

Your parenting style in a nutshell: Strength of character, leader, fun side, full of energy

Famous Leo mums:

Whitney Houston
Sandra Bullock

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Leo mums are…