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Mumstrology: Your star sign and your parenting style

What your star sign says about the way you raise children

Does your star sign reflect your parenting style?

We look at how your star sign can reflect the way you raise your children

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Say what you will about astrology.  Some say it’s codswallop others swear it’s a scientific study.

Whether you’re a ‘Tiger Mum’, your kid’s BFF or a go-with-the-flow ‘Slummy Mummy’, apparently your star sign can have a lot to say about the way you raise children. See if you agree.

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

An Aquarius mum is up on all things relevant whether it is the latest bands, the must-see films or fashion. This pays off with teenage children as their friends like to come over to see mum as well as their friend and teenage daughters can often be found raiding mum’s wardrobe for those fashion must-haves.

Life lessons are just as crucial as school lessons to an Aquarius mum and they may be found letting their children have that bit of freedom to explore the world and learn some valuable lessons for themselves. 

Rarely concerned by what others think, an Aquarius mum is a real free spirit and not really one to concern themselves with what others are doing. Live and let live is a motto many Aquarius mums live by. 

Teaching children tolerance and encouraging a diverse group of friends is key to an Aquarian mum. Friendship is very important and often Aquarius mums will treat their children as equals and friends. Taking the authoritative high ground may not always be easy for an Aquarius mum but sometimes it’s what the children need from their Aquarius mum.

Change is common in an Aquarius mum’s household with moods and temper liable for regular change. Focussing attention on the job in hand can be challenging for an Aquarius mum but an important one to persevere with.

Your parenting style in a nutshell:
Modern, easy going, free spirit

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)

Empathy is a Pisces mum’s middle name and showering affection on children comes as second nature to them. A child can do no wrong in a Pisces mum’s eyes and they’ll be the first to indulge in praise for their child’s achievements and spoil them every step of the way.
Pisces mums cherish every aspect of being a mum and spend as much time as they can with their children to ensure their little ones grow up with a good sense of self-worth.

Protecting those close is crucial to a Pisces mum and their tough side can be quickly exposed if anyone tries to mess with their children. A Pisces mum’s children will never doubt mum has their back and that protective side will always pop out if there’s any reason to think someone is attacking them.

A flair for all things artistic is common in a Pisces mum and will pass this on to their children at any given chance exposing them to art, culture, music and food. School holidays will never be dull with a trip to an art gallery or craft days planned in.

Known for their sensitivity, Pisces mums can take a bruise to the ego very much to heart but find it tricky to express how they feel to those closest. They also can cross that line at times from creative to alternative and there may be occasions when a Pisces mum may be so out there that children could feel a touch embarrassed of mum at a school event! Pisces mums will go all out to teach their little ones not to judge a book by its cover and other important life lessons.

Your parenting style in a nutshell:
Affectionate, loving, protective, artistic

Aries (March 21st -April 19th)

The fire sign Aries mums are fearless and hit parenting head on.  Aries mums approach motherhood, like they do everything, going into battle — alive, alert, and ready to go. The diva in an Aries woman pops up now and then, yet confidence is never knocked for long.
Adjusting to putting another human’s needs and wants before your own can be challenging part of motherhood for Aries. Finding the right balance between being a doting mum and having time for themselves or a balancing work and home is important to an Aries mum.

In a home with an Aries mum, no means no, and no amount of pleading will change the decision. 
An Aries mum is a competitive mum who strives to be the best at whatever they do and this goes for the little ones too. 

It stems from their protective instinct, but Aries mums need to manage that fiery temper on occasions. Practicing a little patience with yourself and the children is worth trying. Pick your battles!
Aries mums tend to encourage self-sufficiency in their little ones and she never asks for permission to be herself or pursue life goals.  Life is about achieving and striving, making an Aries mum a powerful role model of lifelong learning.

Your parenting style in a nutshell:
fiery, competitive, strong, no-nonsense 

Taurus (April 20th – May 21st)

Taurus mums can rule their home at times with a tough demeanour and standards are important to her. But once a Taurus has checked off that list and ensured all is how it should be, it’s time to let her hair down and party.
Refreshingly down to earth, a Taurus mum may always ensure the kids homework is always done on time, but might be the first to let their child have their ears pierced.

Excellent at budgeting and spending wisely, a Taurus mum believes in getting that return on their investment. This is no different when raising children, once little ones grow up, a little thanks for all the hard work she put in is appreciated. Children with good manners and respect authority are what Taurus mums set out to achieve. 
Not a mum who will try to be their child’s best friend, Taurus mums strive for closeness with their children, but want that respect first and foremost. To keep a happy household it helps if children never embarrass mum publicly, violate a core value, or outright disrespect a Taurus mum. Follow this, and there won’t be a problem!
The structure of raising little ones comes all too naturally to a Taurus mum, and when it comes to organising those top parenting priorities they’re on it!
Despite the stern exterior, Taurus mums are very down to earth.

Your parenting style in a nutshell:
practical, diligent, sensible, fun

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th) 

Certainly never boring, a Gemini mum can be a contradiction when it comes to moods. It never hurts to keep the family on their toes, and a Gemini mum will do that and often the rest of the family can’t even guess what they might do next. The home is always buzzing and there’ll always be something happening somewhere. 

The standards a Gemini mum expects is basically determined by the mood at that time and they can be pretty extreme. When the focus is strict everything will need to be rigid, but when in a relaxed mood, pretty much anything goes.

Any cream or lotion a Gemini may use on their baby may be scrutinised for what ingredients it includes, yet a Gemini mum may also show her laidback side and have no issues keeping baby up late while they enjoy an evening out. Basically, a contradiction in terms. Gemini mums don’t tend to be strictly principled as that airy fairy, unpredictable side is never too far away. With Geminis, you just never know what will come next, so anything is possible!

Parenting can bring out the anxious side of a Gemini which can be unexpected as they have a reputation for being chilled out and unpredictable. A Gemini mum’s brain simply never shuts off, there is always something going around in that mind. The mental energy can transpire into an eccentric side from time to time, but it’s all part of that unpredictable Gemini!

Your parenting style in a nutshell:
Fickle, imaginative, creative, adaptable

Cancer (June 21st – July 23rd) 

A Cancer mum (in zodiac terms) is considered Mother Superior. For many, being a matriarch comes as second nature and that maternal instinct kicks in from the word go. Looking back on their childhood, a Cancer mum may well see the nurturing side of their nature come out even back then —to friends, siblings, dolls, pets, in fact, anything needing a maternal touch will get it from a Cancerian. 

Being a mum is what Cancer mums feel they were born to do and are ready to take on the challenge. Nothing mum related phases a Cancer mum, they are the kind of mum that may like a home birth. That nurturing, mothering side doesn’t leave a Cancer mum even when her own children are grown, they may consider training as a Doula or midwife or work with children to fill that gap.

A Cancer mum likes nothing more than hosting family celebrations, with all the planning, cooking and preparing involved. Always the one to be organised and frame all those pictures, this sentimental side is considered the glue that holds everything together in the family unit.
With a natural reserved element of their nature, Cancer mums relish in the opportunity to get to know their children’s friends parents, it’s a good way to talk to new people about your kids which gives a Cancer mum time to quietly screen people before deciding that they're worthy of their trust.
If someone becomes worthy of becoming a friend, they will become like family to a Cancer mum. She also expects a high degree of loyalty when Cancer mum opens her heart to you. 

Your parenting style in a nutshell:
Mother Earth, maternal, loving, shy

Leo (July 23rd -August 22nd) 

A real party loving mum is our Leo with their passionate, centre of attention nature. Leo mums take on the role of playmate as well as mum keeping children entertained in after school activities from sport clubs to piano lessons, dance or Scouts. Children of Leo mums are likely to grow up to be well-mannered, creative characters. 
Children’s milestones are religiously recorded by our Leo mums and their children bring out that proud mama side. Leo mums are happy to share the pride of their greatest accomplishment in life with anyone who’ll listen.

As much as Leo mums love to be life and soul and their kids playmate, when the rules need to be laid down, Leo mums will do it without hesitation. That phenomenal willpower and aspiration is a positive example to set for little ones and the children of Leo mums tend to feel safe and secure under their fierce protection.
A straight forward parent, Leo mums don’t tend to believe in sugar coating life for their children, or using fluffy names for body parts. 
Chaos can reign in a Leo mum’s home on occasions as that dramatic, passionate side can rear up Leo mums can occasionally make mountains out of molehills. So it’s worth remembering that not all situations warrant a full scale drama.

Your parenting style in a nutshell:
Strength of character, leader, fun side, full of energy

Virgo (August 23rd-September 22nd)

Virgo mums are organised and their lives of the children are planned to precision. Children tend to thrive with structure in their lives and Virgo mums do often offer plenty of this, meaning children often grow up feeling confident and ready to take on the world. 
A Virgo mum will be the one who’s done her research on the best car seats around and cooks and freezes all their little one’s meals and is on top of it all.

A Virgo mum’s pregnancy is put to good use making sure everything is covered from researching and buying all the baby gear, ensuring the nursery is perfect and checked out the local nursery options. 

Health and fitness are a key to a Virgo mum and her children will have the best possible nutrition and follow healthy habits throughout their lives. The health and nutrition side is backed up in the kitchen as Virgo mums are usually pretty good cooks. 

As important as organisation and planning is for Virgo mums, it’s worth remembering not to take it to extremes, don’t sweat the small stuff, let some of it go.

Those perfectionist tendencies can see a Virgo mum passing the odd judgement on other parents who may follow different approach to parenting. 

Your parenting style in a nutshell:
Health conscious, organised, structured, analytical 

Libra (September 23-October 22)

A Libra mum doesn’t sweat the small stuff and is first on hand to cheer little ones up if they’ve had a bad day at school with an over indulgent ice cream to make it all go away.
There’s an artistic side to Libran mums who tend to have a passion for photos. Snapping those precious moments given them a daily reminder of some of those amazing experiences they share with their little ones.

Their relationship with their partner is key to Libran mums so if date night is that calendar, date night will happen no matter what, well, within reason! 

Libra mums like a bit of culture the odd trip to a museum or gallery—and enjoy getting the kids interested in a bit of culture. An occasional touch of snobbery can pop up as a Libran mum loves their little ones to know their culture and of course be the best dressed in the playground.

Childhood is precious to a Libra mum and they are known to go all out to preserve the innocence of the early years. Libra mums want their children to enjoy the good life and manners will be of big importance in their household.
Balance is something a Libra mum tries to maintain but can often be found struggling with being tough one minute, and a big softie the next. Hating conflict can see Libran mums avoiding harsh discipline where they can.

With a dreamy side, there may be occasions where Libran mums can find themselves distracted by that special pair of shoes in the window before reality kicks back in. 

Your parenting style in a nutshell:
Changeable, patient, fair, a snob

Scorpio (October 23-November 21) 

There’s no doubt that a Scorpio mum is the ruler of her home and master of the family. Whatever decisions she make for the children she will stick to her guns and will not be swayed by anyone.

Children of Scorpio mums certainly respect their matriarch and may even be ever so slightly scared of mum. Home is where a Scorpio mum’s heart is, and ensuring it’s the perfect space for the family is important.

Domestic calm is key to a happy Scorpio mum. Snuggling up on the sofa and watching films is a Scorpio mum’s idea of heaven and anything that involves being together as a family is central. Not so interested in the rest of the world once they have their tight-knit family around, Scorpio mums do all they can to make sure the family feels the same.

Some Scorpio mums can show signs of being a control freak and on occasions could be a little overpowering to little ones as they grow up. It’s sometimes hard for a Scorpio mum to separate that all-consuming love they have for their children and the need to let them spread their wings when necessary.  

Emotions can run hot and cold in a Scorpio mum’s home and this can see the happy, chatty, friendly mum become quiet and withdrawn fairly quickly. When in the right mood, love and affection is free flowing but when she’s not, it can be difficult for a Scorpio mum to show her affection openly.

Delivering tough love is all part of parenting to a Scorpio mum and she won’t shy away from what she feels is the right way to handle the current situation.

Your parenting style in a nutshell:
Bossy, passionate, family-orientated, strong

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

Always on the go, a Sagittarius mum is often found taking on new challenges and taking the odd risk. This side of a Sagittarius mum often means that their children get many experiences from an early age including visiting a variety of new places. Sagittarius mums may also encourage little ones to learn other languages from a young age, experience cultures like food from wherever they may be visiting.

Adventure is in the nature of a Sagittarius mum making them a fun parent always coming up with exciting new play ideas that the kids love.

Big believers in involving the children, Sagittarius mums will bring the kids along to pretty much whatever she is doing, not likely to miss out on that new class or coffee with a friend, just bring the kids with. Particularly social experiences, Sagittarius mums enjoy including their children in all things social.

Sagittarius mums respect what children have to say, and will always offer an ear to hear them out, that’s not to say they will always agree and may on occasions be found lecturing what they think is best to their little ones. 

Sagittarians are known to be a restless sign and their natural short attention span can make parenting a little challenging at times particularly with regular mealtimes, bedtimes, and homework to contend with.

Speaking without thinking is a common trait of a Sagittarian and it can be hard going at times to watch that tongue in front of little ones. Although Sagittarius mums tend to try and watch what they say, they don’t generally believe in sheltering their children from the truth, honesty is the best policy for a Sagittarius mum. 

Your parenting style in a nutshell:
Spontaneous, fun, playful, honest, adventurous

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

Whether in good times or bad, the Capricorn mum holds the family together. Keeping the home secure for the family and a level of financial security is key to a Capricorn mum. This shows in the strong work ethic a Capricorn mum often has and in some cases may even be the family’s main breadwinner. 

A Capricorn mum is happy to take on the tough role in the family if necessary whether this is setting the family’s rules or upholding discipline. Being the one to say ‘no’ to the children doesn’t faze a Capricorn mum as she is confident she is doing the best for her children’s future.

Traditional values are important to a Capricorn mum and can often be found continuing in family traditions to keep them alive and pass them on to the next generation. This sense of tradition can also be seen in how close Capricorn mums tend to be to their own parents and making their family proud is important for a Capricorn mum.

With plenty to worry about being a parent, Capricorn mums can find they take the weight of the world on their shoulders and sometimes it’s worth remembering not to sweat the small stuff. Trying not to let the pressures and demands of being a mum take over, Capricorn mums may on occasion need reminding to make the most of life as a mum and have some fun!

Your parenting style in a nutshell:
Serious, organised, strong, traditional

Mumstrology: Your star sign and your parenting style