Autumn inspired baby names

Inspired by the season, nature and fantastic colours of Autumn, discover the perfect Autumn baby name for your baby girl or boy

Names inspired by the season of Autumn

If you're expecting an Autumn baby, why not take 'namespiration' from the season?

Baby in autumn leaves

Expecting a new little one this autumn? Embrace the spirit of the season with a beautiful Autumn baby name. 

The season your baby is born can have a big impact on what you choose to name them Autumn babies are born into a world of spectacular fiery colours as nature readies itself for a sparkling winter. 

Here’s a few of our favourite Autumnal girls and boys names to get you inspired

Girls names:

• Ashley - This nature inspired name harks back to the Old English meaning of ‘æsc’ meaning ‘ash’ and ‘leah’ referring to a ‘woodland clearing’. 

Autumn - This beautiful and unique name encapsulates the spirit of the season of your little one’s birth.

• Amber - Name your baby after this precious and mysterious stone famous for its deep honey-yellow colouring and opacity.

• Laurel - Taken from the tree famous for it’s shining evergreen leaves and historical powerful significance and of laurel wreaths.

• Scarlett - Named after the brilliant red colour, this name embodies the passion and daring of a strong and determined young woman your baby will develop into.

• Akiko - This Japanese name combines the characters meaning ‘autumn’, ‘bright’ and ‘sparkle’; a wonderful airy and calm choice of baby name, also easily shortened to Aki.

• Auriole - Meaning ‘Golden’ in Latin, this angelic name also means ‘a bright circle of light’ similar to a halo.

• Hazel - Inspired by the tree and colour this name comes from the Old English ‘hæsel’. Drawing from the strength of nature this name also has a delicious association to chocolate.

• Sorrel - This name has a germanic origin meaning chestnut is also inspired by the famous cooking herb instantly identifiable by its spear shaped leaves. 

• Clover - Renowned for its lucky charms, this name is often associated with the Irish shamrock and Christian connection to St. Patrick.

• Heather - This girl’s name harmonises the strength and resilience of the the famous plant alongside its unique beautiful pink, white and purple flowers.

• Fern - Inspired by the airy and featherlike nature of the green  fern, this name is bursting with life while retaining the soft mystery of the often shaded plant.

Boys names:

• Ash - This name inspired by the forest and iconic tree meaning ‘spear’ originates back to the Old English meaning of ‘æsc’ meaning ‘ash’ 

• Forest - Meaning ‘of the wood’ this name originates from the Latin ‘foris’ and associates you baby with nature and the great outdoors.

• Reed - Derived from the Old English meaning ‘Red’ this strong colour inspired name also has a long proud history in the River Rede and associated noble house.

• Rowan - This ancient Irish name bears the name of the famous ‘mountain ash’ tree known for its fantastical and bold red berries.

• Bruno - A powerful boy’s name with Germanic roots meaning ‘shield’ or ‘armour’ this is a namesake worthy of a strong and determined character.

• Leaf - This monosyllabic name pairs especially well with longer surnames. This nature and earth inspired name is sure to be unique!

• Rory - Meaning ‘The Red King’ this iconic name has both a Highland Scottish and Irish heritage harking back to leaders of the past.

• Cedar - Name your boy after the mighty and ancient cedar tree. The oldest cedar trees in the world are true survivors; estimated to be over 2000 years old!

• Oakley - An iconic boy’s name inspired by the famous acorn-bearing oak tree. Known for their strength and fortitude throughout history. 

• Radley - Meaning ‘red meadow’, this name conjures up spectacular autumnal scenes coinciding with the birth of your new little one.

Unisex names:

Choose a distinctly unique baby name by matching the month of your baby’s birth to their name. 

Autumnal month names include:


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Autumn inspired baby names