Spooky Halloween themed boys and girl baby name ideas

Unearth our fun, freaky and original Halloween themed baby names

Spooky Halloween themed boys and girl baby name ideas

Take inspiration from our top Halloween baby names for girls and boys

Newborn baby in Halloween costume

Costumes, pumpkin carving, mischief, scary movies and sweets and treats, Halloween can be great fun. If your baby is due close to Halloween, why not be extra adventurous and consider a spooky themed name for your baby

Halloween is a great opportunity to get especially unique and creative with naming your child. Whether it’s a subtle nod towards the time of year, or a full blown reference;  get stuck into our top Halloween inspired baby names below for a trick or treat, who knows what you might unearth. 

Halloween inspired names for boys

1. Casper The Friendly Ghost, Casper is without a doubt the cutest and most personable... The perfect name for a curious little boy. 

2. Draco
Master Draco Malfoy is a fellow Hogwarts student in Harry Potter’s year, however he belongs to the opposing house, Slytherin. A smart and sly character as well as a cunning user of magic. 

3. Frank A reference to Victor Frankenstein, the creator of his Monster. Perhaps one of the more misunderstood Halloween stories, Frank was a genius inventor with a desire to create life of his own.

4. Dante The main character and goodie in the Devil May Cry series. Also featuring in Resident Evil, Dante is a ruthless devil-hunter with his heart in the right place. 

5. Raven (or ‘Rav’ for short) Featuring in many stories as a signifier of upcoming death or danger, Ravens are not a bird you want to see around on your adventures. 

6. Adam A classic name with a subtle Halloween twist, often people refer to the mysterious monster from The Addams Family as Adam. 

7. Merlin Originally a Welsh name, Merlin has connotations of wise wizards and prophets. The perfect name for a majestic little guy.  

8. Dexter The main character in the crime drama mystery series Dexter. Mr. Morgan is a crime scene investigator for the Miami PD by day and vigilante serial killer at night. 

9. Harry Harry Potter, the best known wizard of recent years. Featuring as the main character in J.K. Rowling's book and film series. Harry was a naturally gifted magician with a heart of gold. 

10. Edward The main character in Tim Burton’s romantic dark fantasy film; Edward Scissorhands. He was deeply misunderstood due to his appearance but at heart; a truly gentle man. 

Halloween inspired baby girls names:  

1. Regan A character from the horror novel and film The Exorcist, Regan Teresa MacNeil was a 12 year old girl who was targeted by The Demon because she possessed psychic healing powers. 

2. Hazel Witch Hazel is a character in the Loony Tunes and Merrie Melodies series of cartons. You will most likely find her standing over a steaming cauldron stirring up a potion, or two. 

3. Trixie The Witch’s Cat. Trixie is a fun, cute and inquisitive black cat with an eye for mischief. 

4. Samantha The immortal young-faced witch from Bewitched, the 1960s American TV sitcom.

5. Buffy The one and only kickass vampire slayer! 

6. Sabrina The teenage witch. Living with her wacky aunts, learning the (magic) tricks of the trade whilst navigating her way through teenagedom. 

7. Luna The Roman goddess of the moon is called Luna, which directly translates to mean moon in Latin. No Halloween scene is complete without an appearance.

8. Cat/Kat/Kitty Perhaps the most featured of our furry friends in Halloween tales, a black cat is an absolute must for any budding witch. 

9. Hermione Ms. Granger is another star character from the Harry Potter series. The daughter of two London dentists, blessed with a wonderful academic mind, she quickly becomes a pivotal member of Gryffindor house. 

10. Willow Gifted with superhuman powers, Willow Rosenberg teams up with Buffy to defeat vampires, demons and other evil in the fictional town of Sunnydale. 

Spooky Halloween themed boys and girl baby name ideas