Easter and spring inspired baby names

If you’re due this spring you may like to take some inspiration from names meaning spring and Easter.

Baby names meaning spring and Easter

Here's a selection of boys and girls baby names inspired by Easter and Spring season.

baby names meaning spring

If your new arrival is due this spring, it may be nice to take some inspiration for their name from spring or Easter. Or you may just want a name that celebrates this time of awakening and blooming flowers.

Boys’ names

Bud (Buddy): English nickname that also has spring connotations.

Attwell: English in origin meaning ‘lives by the spring.’

Bradwell: Means ‘from the broad of spring’ in Old English.

Denver: Old English and French origin meaning ‘green valley.’

Haruki: Of Japanese origin means ‘spring child.’

Jarek: If Slavic origin meaning ‘spring.’

March: A choice for boys names after the month they are born.

Neo: From the Latin meaning ‘new.’

Verdi: From the Italian meaning ‘green.’

Xavier: Of Basque/Arabic origin meaning ‘new house or bright.’

Pascal: From the French meaning ‘Easter.’

Arley: Of English origin meaning ‘from the rabbit meadow.’

Bezai: Of Hebrew origin meaning ‘eggs.’

James: English name meaning ‘supplanter.’

Oan: Of Breton origin meaning ‘lamb.’

Maxwell: A Scottish name meaning ‘Mack’s spring.’

Girls’ names

Anastasia: Is of Greek origin and means ‘resurrection’.

April: The spring, and often Easter falls in, month that also originates from Latin and means ‘to open.’

Avril: The French for April.

Aya: Is of Japanese and Hebrew origin and means ‘colourful or bird.’

Blossom: Spring feel name and in English means: ‘to bloom.’

Bluebell: The English name for the flower bluebell.

Chloe: Of Greek origin that means ‘young green shoot.’

Dawn: Signifying a new beginning it’s a perfect sentiment for spring.

Iris: Keeping in with the flower theme, it originates in Greece and means ‘rainbow.’

May: English spring month name.

Nova: From the Latin meaning ‘new.’

Tulip: English flower name.

Leaf: It has different meanings in different countries but it’s definitely a spring-like choice.

Birdie: As testimony to springtime warbling.

Laverna: A French name meaning ‘born in the spring.’

Laurel: From the Latin meaning ‘spring-like.’

Easter: After the Anglo-Saxon goddess of spring at war.

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Easter and spring inspired baby names