Valentine’s inspired baby names

Bring a little love into your baby name choice with these Valentine’s inspired monikers

Baby names inspired by Valentine’s Day

Take a look at our choices of baby names inspired by Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, why not pick up some inspiration for your baby’s name from all things love related.

We’ve rounded up some boys’ and girls’ names inspired by love.


Romeo – what more of a romantic name can you choose than one of a Shakespearean romantic and works in modern day as proved by David and Victoria Beckham who chose the name for their second son.

Eros – From the Greek meaning ‘desire’ Eros is a strong choice and is the name of the Greek winged god of sexual love, a big name to live up to.

Obi – Is of African, Nigerian-Ibo origin and means ‘heart’. The name is also associated with Return of the Jedi character Obi Wan Kenobi.

Conor – of Irish descent and meaning ‘lover of hounds’ and is a popular choice for boys in recent years.

Davis – derived from the Hebrew name David and means ‘beloved’ a different approach to the traditional name David to consider for your son.

Milos – The name is of Slavic origin but is a popular choice in Greece and means ‘lover of glory’ that’s a name that should set your boy up for life.

Dilan/Dylan – Of Turkish origin and simply means ‘love’ it’s a popular name choice in recent generations inspired by musical legend Bob Dylan and Luke Perry’s character Dylan McKay in the hit 90s show Beverley Hills 90210.

Cupid – This name is Valentine’s inspired to a tee and comes from the Latin meaning ‘desire’ and is of course the name of the Roman god of love.


Esme – A name revived in recent years and is of French origin meaning ‘beloved’. It derives from the Old French verb ‘esmer’ meaning ‘to esteem’ or ‘to love’.

– the most romantic female character in Shakespeare and is of Latin origin meaning youthful or sky father’.

– a traditional girls’ name but did you know it is of French origin meaning ‘beloved’.

– of Latin origin and linked closely o Roman mythology as the name for the Roman goddess of beauty and love and in recent years gained popularity from tennis ace Venus Williams.

– a popular Welsh name meaning ‘love’ that is still relatively a low choice of name for girls in the UK but made more popular by Cerys Matthews lead singer of the 90s band Catatonia.

– definitely a name less popular than in years gone by but if you want a name inspired by love it’s a great choice as it is of Latin origin meaning ‘she must be loved’.

– why not get straight to the point and choose the word Love as your little girl’s name, works for Jennifer Love Hewitt.

– a recognisable Spanish word meaning ‘love’ and it is growing in popularity as a name choice for girls. 

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Valentine’s inspired baby names