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Call the Midwife baby boy names

Delivering a perfect baby boy's name

Like the series? Then pick a name inspired by 'Call the Midwife'.

Classic boy's names given a new lifeline by the popular series.


Fan inspiration 

With ‘Call the Midwife’ one of our favourite programmes we thought we’d take some name inspiration from its characters past and present.

Classic and popular

Jack, Charlie, Jacob and Thomas regularly top our top 100 boys names list proving popular with parents year after year.

Short and sweet 

Or how about Fred - the loveable handyman, with Freddie a name that has seen a sharp rise in popularity over the past few years. Other names from the series you could lengthen or shorten are Ben (Benjamin), Bob (Bobby), Frank (Frankie), Ted (Teddy), Bill (Billy) or Ron (Ronnie).

Ripe for revival 

Names that are less common today but are ripe for a revival with their ‘grandad-chic’ are Sid, Eddy, Aubrey and Lenny. Or alternatively maybe he’s more of a Timothy, like Dr. Turner’s son, a Jimmy – like Jenny’s former boyfriend or a Peter like Chummy’s policeman husband.

Bounty's most popular

  1. Jack
  2. Charlie
  3. Jacob
  4. Thomas
  5. Fred
  6. Ben
  7. Bob
  8. Frank
  9. Joe
  10. Bill

Call the Midwife baby boy names