Longer boy's names

Our picks of the best longer boy's names

Sometimes we want to give our little ones a name that has an impact.

Many monikers of three or more syllables make distinguished sounding choices for boys whether you’re looking for inspiration to go with a long or short surname.


Top of the pops

Ever popular amongst our top 100 popular name list Oliver and Joshua are both traditional trisyllable names that reside at the top of our popularity charts despite not being all that ‘long’ when written.

Get shorty

If you’re looking for the option of a longer name and want to be able to also use a shorter nickname how about William (Will), Harrison (Harry), Benjamin (Ben), Alexander (Alex), Zachary (Zac) or Sebastian (Seb). 

Stand out in the playground

Other longer names that are more unusual and bound to give your little boy stand out in the playground are Raphael, Leonardo, Malachi and Emmanuel.

Bounty's most popular

  1. Oliver
  2. Joshua
  3. William
  4. Harrison
  5. Benjamon
  6. Alexander
  7. Zachary
  8. Sebastian
  9. Cameron
  10. Elliot

Longer boy's names