Animal inspired boy names

Bring out your little one's wild side with our choice of animal inspired names

Animal antics

Give your little boy a wild and wonderful name with these animal inspired choices.  


Your very own little cub

With both Fearne Cotton and Edith Bowman both choosing names more associated with pets for their baby boys Rex and Spike - this got us thinking about all of the animal inspired names out there which can make interesting choices for boys.

Canine choices 

Other possible names often given to dogs that could suit your own little puppy are: Rufus, Buster and Buddy or you could always take inspiration from the big screen with a name like Marley (Marley& Me) or Milo (The Mask).

Feline fancies 

If you’re more of a cat lover how about Felix, Tiger or even Leo?

Feathered friends

And don’t forget our feathered friends who can also prove influential with both Phoenix and Robin currently growing in popularity as shown in our baby names trends below.

One thing’s for sure – with a pet inspired name he’s bound to want lots of love and cuddles from you for years to come.

Bounty's most popular

  1. Leo
  2. Felix
  3. Robin
  4. Rufus
  5. Pheonix 
  6. Buddy
  7. Rex
  8. Buster
  9. Fox 
  10. Spike

Animal inspired boy names