Names fit for a prince

Crown your little boy with a royal name

Royally inspired boy's names

Give your little prince a royal name. 


Princely pursuit 

It's been a bumper few years for royal babies so it only seems fit we pick a few regal names.

Recent Royals

A name made famous by a number of kings from history - and most recently Kate and Wills - George, comes out on top.

Royal recommendations

Other royal recommendations include James, while Henry is also a regal name that continues to grow in popularity. It's also Prince Harry’s 'real' name!   

Other current royal names include Edward, CharlesWilliam and Philip, while other names 'fit for a Prince' include the traditional names AlexanderArthur and Richard which have all been given to royals in the past.

Bounty's most popular

  1. George
  2. James
  3. Henry
  4. Edward
  5. Charles
  6. William
  7. Philip
  8. Alexander
  9. Artur
  10. Richard 

Names fit for a prince