Celebrity Big Brother baby boy names

From Rylan to Romeo, we've got it covered

For your little reality TV star in the making 

Looking for something more than individual? Then this list may just help you out..


Calling all Celebrity Big Brother fans...

Celebrity Big Brother has many of us gripped, so what better way to get inspired than with some of our favourite housemates past and present for that perfect baby names. 

Whilst a lot of celebrities are well-known for their individual names which allow them to stand out from the crowd – many still appear in our top 100 boys names lists time and time again.

The 'popular' ones...

Leo (Sayer), Alex (Reid), Tommy (Sheridan), Frankie (Detorri/ Cocozza) and (MC) Harvey are all names currently popular with UK parents.

Outside the box

Looking outside the top 100 Louie (Spence), Spencer (Pratt), Kirk (Norcross), Dustin (Diamond) and Vinnie (Jones) all make good options for boys. Or how about Lucien (Laviscount), Mario or (Prince) Lorenzo - all names that will give him a continental flavour?

Individually tailored 

If you’re looking for something with real stand out for your little star in the making you could try those who are only known by one name like Romeo, Kenzie, Goldie or Sisqo - although you may want to draw the line at Jedward!

Bounty's most popular

  1. Leon
  2. Alex
  3. Tommy
  4. Harvey
  5. Frankie
  6. Louie
  7. Spencer
  8. Dustin
  9. Lucien
  10. Vinnie

Celebrity Big Brother baby boy names