Top baby boys’ names that mean strong

If you want to choose your baby’s name based on what the name means, here’s a good start.

Baby names for your little boy meaning strong

If you’re having a little boy, why not take a look through our name choices that mean strong.

boy names that mean strong

There’s so many things to consider when choosing a baby name. Firstly, do you like it? Does your partner? Does it suit their surname? But do we take enough consideration into what the name means? Should we?

Well, we’ve selected some names that all have a meaning related to strength and courage, as if you are searching for a name on the basis of what it means, we figured this isn’t a bad place to start!

Here’s our top boys names that have their meanings derived from names meaning strong and courageous. With a mix of traditional and unusual names, there’s something for all.

Aaron:  which means “mountain of strength”.

Maximus (Max): A classic strong name meaning “Greatest”.

Ethan: Ethan has Hebrew origins and means “strong.”

Jedrek (Jed): One of the more unusual options on our list, it means “Strong, manly” like a Jedi maybe!

Angus (Gus): With Gaelic origins, this moniker means “one strength,” or “unique strength.”

Jerry: A name that you don’t hear too often these days, Jerry means “Brave spearman” and could be ripe for a revival.

Kalmin: One for those who like their name to be more unique, Kalmin means “Manly and strong.”

Everett: A bold and trendy choice. With Anglo-Saxon origins, this name means “wild boar,” or “strong.”

Liam: Traditional yet contemporary, Liam has Irish origins and means "strong-willed warrior."

Oscar: Meaning “divine strength.” A slightly softer yet still strong name choice.

Patrick: From the Latin meaning “nobleman.”

Remo: Meaning “the strong one.”

Tiger: Meaning “powerful and energetic.”

Morgan: Meaning “sea warrior”.

Guy: Meaning “warrior.”

Boris: From the Russian meaning “fight, fighter.”

Herbert (Herbie): From the German meaning “illustrious warrior.”

Owen: Popular Welsh name, it derives from Wales meaning “young warrior, noble.”

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Top baby boys’ names that mean strong