Extraordinary names for boys

Because for some, the old school just isn't cool...

Want your little fella to stand out? Give him a name they won't forget

When those traditional names just won't cut the mustard. We share some unusual and fun choices.


Old school

With traditional names like Harry, Jack and Charlie ever present at the top of our Top 100 most popular name list, it would seem the majority of parents still favour tried and tested names that will stand the test of time. But what about those who are looking for something a little different? We’ve taken a look outside of the top 100 to find some of the most unusual names given to boys and wonder whether these will be the Jack and Charlie’s of the future?...

Rock star status

If you fancy your tot becoming a little rockstar a name like Hendrix, Jagger, Blade or Zed is bound to give him a head start in coolness! 

Not plain sailing

Or how about Sailor, Wade, River and Nemo – all names with an aquatic flavour?

Football & fast cars

Fans could try Keegan and Zico whilst the world of motoring can also prove inspirational with the names Bentley and Diesel both given to baby boys. 

Completely different

Other extraordinary names we've heard of include Zeke, Alyus and Buzz-Bee - which goes to show if you’re looking for a name that’s going to make your little one stand out from the crowd there really are no rules!

Bounty's most popular

  1. Hendrix
  2. Diesel
  3. Wade
  4. Storm
  5. Zed
  6. Blade
  7. Zico
  8. Nemo
  9. Sailor
  10. Buzz-Bee 

Extraordinary names for boys