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Celebrity Big Brother baby girl names

A-list, or Z-list, name inspiration from the master of all reality shows

Celebrity Big Brother baby girl names

From the sublime to the ridiculous, the CBB name list is long. We take a look at some of the best remembered.


Celebrity Big brother fever

If you've been gripped by Celebrity Big Brother then how about taking name inspiration from house-mates and presenters past and present for your own little superstar? 

Start at the top

Where better to start than the 'Big Mutha' herself Davina (McCall) – an unusual name that is not commonly heard of in playgrounds. If you’re looking for something more popular you could go for Emma (Willis) the most recent presenter of the show. 

Gorgeous girls

Charlotte (Crosby), Jasmine (Lennard/Waltz) and Heidi (Montag/Fleiss) are also all names that currently appear in our top 100 girls names list.

Cleo (Rocos), Melinda (Messenger), Anthea (Turner) and Tara (Reid) all provide interesting alternatives which are less commonly used by parents. 

Exotic choices

Or to give her an air of sophistication perhaps a more ‘exotic’ name is the way to go, taking inspiration from glamorous stars of the show, Danica (Thrall), Shilpa (Shetty), Ivana (Trump), Rula (Lenska), or Caprice (Bourret).

Bounty's most popular

  1. Charlotte (Crosby)
  2. Emma (Willis)
  3. Jasmine (Waltz/Lennard)
  4. Heidi (Montag/Fleiss)
  5. Natasha (Giggs)
  6. Tara (Reid)
  7. Melinda (Messenger)
  8. Caprice (Bourret)
  9. Anthea (Turner)
  10. Davina (McCall)

Celebrity Big Brother baby girl names