Top 10 baby girls’ names that mean strong

If you want to choose your baby’s name based on what the name means, here’s a good start.

Baby names for your little girl meaning strong

If you’re having a little girl, why not take a look through our name choices that mean strong.

girl names that mean strong

However you are going about choosing your baby’s name, it’s great to know the meaning of the name you are planning to go with. And what better meaning for your little one’s name that strong…starts them off in good stead and says don’t mess with our princess!

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Karla: Karla has French origins and means “Strong”.

Nina: With Native American roots, the name Nina also means “Strong”.

Briana:  The feminine version of the name Brian and means “Strong, virtuous and honourable.” 

Valerie: This Latin name means both “Strong” and “brave.”

Matilda: This name has German roots and means “might,” “power” or “battle.”

Keren: Not be mistaken for Karen, Keren has Hebrew origins and means “Strength and power.”

Bree: Meaning “Strength or an exalted one”.

Valencia: A Spanish place name, which also means “Brave and strong.” 

Bridget: The Anglicised variation of the name Brighid and means “Strength or exalted one.”

Millicent: Shortened version is Millie and means “Strong at work.” 

Trudy: A German name meaning: “universal strength.”

Luana: With German origin, Luana means “graceful battle maiden.”

Marcella: An Italian name meaning “warlike, martial and strong.”

Kayleigh: Has English origins and means “keeper of the keys, pure.”

Elda: In Italian Elda means: “warrior.”

Audrey: Traditional English name meaning “noble and strength.” Maybe time this name made a comeback.

Gertrude (Gertie): Of German origin, Gertrude means “strong spear.”

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Top 10 baby girls’ names that mean strong