One syllable names for girls

From the traditional Eve to the chilled out Skye, short names for baby girls

Super-short and super-sweet names for little ladies

They say the best things come in small packages and when it comes to names, some of the shortest names can also make some of the sweetest. 



Many of the more ‘old fashioned’ names with a vintage flavour are short but sweet and work particularly well with a longer surname. 

GracePearl, RoseEve and Anne are all timeless names that make pretty options for little ladies. 

If you’re looking to avoid other people shortening your baby's name you might want to consider a name which is already used as a shortened version like KateBeth or Liz.

Virtues with meaning

You could also take inspiration from virtues themselves with FaithHope and Joy – all meaningful names that are also short. 

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Seasonal ideas

What about a nod to the seasonal classics, or month she's born with May/MaeJune or other options with meaning behind them? 

A thoroughly modern moniker

For a more contemporary option PaigeSkye and Brooke are all one syllable names that are currently growing in popularity.

Bounty's most popular

  1. Grace
  2. Faith
  3. Rose
  4. Skye
  5. Paige
  6. Niamh/Neve
  7. Eve
  8. Hope
  9. Faye
  10. Beth

One syllable names for girls