Automobile themed baby girl names

For when you just love cars (or motorbikes) too much

Car baby name mania

The world of automobiles may not be the most obvious place to take name inspiration from for little girls - but look a little closer you can find lots of interesting ideas… 


So many options

Many different models of car use girls’ names. How about the Renault Clio/Cleo, Honda Jazz, Toyota Sienna, Lotus Elise or Chevrolet Caprice? Skoda provides lots of interesting options using girls’ names like Octavia, Fabia, Felicia and Laura for its various car models, while classic cars lovers are sure to love Morgan. Carmen is another twist for the obsessive car lovers out there!

Put a spin on it

You could also get creative and put your own spin on a name of car like Minnie (Mini), Lexi (Lexus), Portia (Porsche), Astrid Vauxhall Astra – or if you’re a real car fan Delorean or Mercedes could be the way to go!

Biker chic

Let's not forget motorbike inspired girls' names, either. April (Aprilia), Harley (Davidson, of course), Augusta, or August (MV) and another classic: Indiana, or India  (Indian).

Bounty's most popular

  1. Sienna
  2. Cleo/Clio
  3. Caprice
  4. Octavia
  5. Kia
  6. Elise
  7. Portia
  8. Minnie
  9. Jazz
  10. Mercedes

Automobile themed baby girl names