X-Factor baby names for girls

Turn up the volume with these X-Factor inspired names...

X-Factor names to knock their socks off

Take inspiration from the TV show, for your own little star in the making.


Girl's names with that X-Factor magic

These popular X-Factor star names are perfect if you’re looking to give your little one a bit of star quality.

Big stars

You could go for Alexandra (Burke) or Leona (Lewis) – both now stars in their own right since winning the competition.

Looking to other finalists throughout the years there are plenty of other great names to choose from - Amelia (Lily) continues to top our top 100 popular name list, whilst Ella (Henderson) and Lucy (Spraggan)/ Lucie (Jones) are also popular.

Little Mix it up

Other names that will certainly make your little star stand out are Perrie (Little Mix), Misha (B), Nikitta (Angus), Rowetta (Satchell) or Cher (Lloyd) – hopefully your little lady will grow up to have a great singing voice just like her namesake!

Traditional, but still in the mix

If you’re looking for something less unusual, you could always take inspiration from those finalists who have been creative with the spelling of their names like Jesy (Little Mix), Treyc (Cohen) or Sami (Brookes). 

Bounty's most popular

  1. Amelia (Lily)
  2. Ella (Henderson)
  3. Lucy (Spraggan)
  4. Rebecca (Ferguson)
  5. Alexandra (Burke)
  6. Jade (Richards/Little Mix)
  7. Ruth (Lorenzo)
  8. Kitty (Brucknell)
  9. Leona (Lewis)
  10. Diana (Vickers) 

X-Factor baby names for girls