Girl names inspired by Disney

Girl names inspired by Disney

With over 90 years of history, Walt Disney has played a big part in many of our childhoods. Watching a classic such as ‘Bambi’ and ‘The Lion King’ (to name but a few) fills us with fond memories, so it isn’t surprising that we see many parent’s taking inspiration from Disney when choosing a baby name.

Elsa is the latest girl name to see a boost in popularity after the release of the 2013 film “Frozen”.  Disney princess names such as Belle, Jasmin and Ariel have also remained popular in our list of girl’s names over the years, and with numerous film adaptations being released they’re sure to stay.

With so many stories and characters, Disney is great for baby name inspiration which is why we’ve collated some of our favourite girl’s names. 

As well as the classics, our list includes a few favourite names that you might have forgotten about:

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Nala – The life long best friend of Simba in the Lion King

Sarabi – The mother of Simba & queen of the Pride Lands in the Lion King

Aurora – The Disney Princess & starring role in Sleeping Beauty

Flora – One of the 3 good fairies in Sleeping Beauty

Fauna - One of the 3 good fairies in Sleeping Beauty

Leah –  Queen and mother of Aurora and wife of King Stephen in Sleeping Beauty

Cinderella - The Disney Princess & starring role in Cinderella

Drizella – Cinderella’s oldest ugly step sister

Anastasia – Cinderella’s youngest ugly step sister

Meeko – Pocahontas’ pet Racoon. Although male character the name has a unisex feel about it so we’ve added it to the list!

Willow – The wise talking Willow tree in Pocahontas

Alice – The child protagonist in Alice in Wonderland

Kala  - The all-loving ape who adopts Tarzan as her son

Jane – The love interest of Tarzan

Darling - Elizabeth “Darling” Brown is the owner of Lady and the Tramp and wife of Jim Dear

Anita – wife of Roger Radcliffe and owner of the Dalmatian Pertida in 101 Dalmatians

Bianca – Bianca is the female mouse protagonist from Disney’s, The Rescuers

Penny – Brave Penny is the orphan tritagonist in the Rescuers

Ellie Mae – Leader of the swamp folks in The Rescuers

Marie – White furred kitten of the duchess in the Aristocats

Belle - The Disney Princess & leading protagonist in Beauty & the Beast

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