Names fit for a princess

Bowing down to tradition, with a curtsey for your cutie

A Royal nod and tiny tiaras

Bring a little Royalty into your life with these regally themed names...


Gorgeous names for your own little Princess

After Zara and Mike's little Mia Grace (Tindall) arrived, we thought we'd celebrate by looking at the top ten baby names that you voted 'most likely' to be chosen for a baby girl. 

Traditional choices

Perhaps in honour of our current Queen the traditional name of Elizabeth was the top prediction, followed closely by the more modern Diana - which could have be a lovely royal tribute. 

Another name closely associated with the royals is Victoria, which was the third most popular guess. The hotly rumoured by the press Alexandra was the fifth most popular choice, followed by Charlotte and Sophia - all names with a sophisticated air. 

EmilyGrace and Olivia all feature highly in our top 100 popular name list and it seemed that you thought the couple would follow baby naming trends by voting them in the 'most likely' top ten. 

Modern style

Breaking with tradition the super-stylish Zara and her rugby player husband opted for a modern favourite, with Mia. We can’t wait to find out what affect that will have on this year's baby name trends!

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Names fit for a princess