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Why showering together is a good idea for new parents

How showering together can bring new parents closer

Showering together is highly sensual

Showering together is a great way to get intimate again with your partner

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A long and relaxing bath often relieves stress like nothing else but some couples consider showering together as a most underrated thing
There’s nothing quite like a soothing, relaxing bath or long hot shower – and nothing quite as sexy, if properly done! Once your baby is asleep for the night after their own evening feed and relaxing bath, how can the two of you transform your bathroom into a sensual paradise, and the simple act of getting clean into a love fest? 

Heading to the shower with your partner after a long and tiring day can have you recharged and reconnected in just a few minutes. Use a combination of scent, sight and sensation to relax, stimulate and satisfy both of you. Get together a collection of scented candles, bath oils, gels and scented soap, loofahs, wash cloths and sponges. Plus, large, warm, fluffy towels and if you really want to go mad, some ice cubes (to tease and stimulate your heated bodies). It’s all about contrasts - scratchy back brushes or loofahs, to smooth flannels, sponges and silky shower oils.

Line every safe and available surface with lit candles and turn out the lights. If having a bath, make it hot, full and scented with oils, bath gel or herbal mixtures. Basil, bayleaf, lavender, lemon verbena, lovage, meadowsweet, rosemary, sage and thyme are supposed to be particularly stimulating. Whereas camomile, jasmine, lime flower, lavender and vervaine are supposed to be relaxing.
Take a few moments to imagine you’re in a tropical rainstorm or under a waterfall, revel in the flicker of candlelight and soak up the soothing sensation of oils and foam. Use a brush or a loofah and plenty of shower gel or soap to work up a lather. Scrub each other all over and add a blast of cold water or rub an ice cube on sensitive spots to get your skin tingling. Follow up with soft flannels and sponges to soothe and smooth. Finish off by wrapping each other in a large, warm towel before inviting your partner to step through into the bedroom for you both to take advantage of your warmed and relaxed state. 

Romance apart. Showering together gives you the perk of getting your back scrubbed and after massaging each other’s scalp while shampooing you might never want to shower alone after your partner helps in getting you cleaned. And even if showering together doesn’t lead to making love it can help you feel less self-consciousness about your post baby body. Many women say it makes them feel more comfortable in their skin because they are being completely open with their partner.

There are some great benefits to heading to the shower with your partner, so ‘keep it clean’ (pardon the pun!) and go soak up a moment of intimacy together.  

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Why showering together is a good idea for new parents