Reasons to love your post-baby body

The things you can learn to love about the changes in your body now you’ve had your baby

Post-birth body: Why you should love it

How to love the changes in your post-birth body

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Whether it’s pressure from seeing celebrities and others return to their pre-pregnancy bodies or your own personal need, don’t lose sight of the things to love about your post-birth body. ‘Is there anything?’ you may ask, read on and find out…

Remember that many new mums, are getting very little sleep, going through hormonal changes and still healing after birth whether vaginal or c-section. So many new mums don’t get back to even close to their pre-pregnancy bodies for months or even years after having a baby. 

How to learn to love your post-birth body

Don’t think about it as loving what you see in the mirror, although changing how you look at your body can help you to do this too. Try to think more about what your body does for you each day and how it makes you feel. Acknowledge that your body has grown your baby and protected it for all those months and helped your baby make their appearance in the world. Your body has earned the right to be treated with love, kindness and respect and time to heal and recover before being put under strain to get back in shape.

Don’t compare yourself to others and learn to be a healthy role model for your children so you can pass your healthy habits onto them so you can all be proud of who you are and look after your bodies.

Top 3 tips for loving your body

When you look at your body and see the changes as a result of your pregnancy try and remember what your body has done. Stretch marks are a reminder of how your body grew your baby for all those months. And do remember they will fade over time. Changes to your breasts are so common after pregnancy but if you’re breastfeeding remember they are feeding your baby and giving them all the nutrients they need to start them off in life. 

Accept that albeit wrongly, our body types aren’t represented in mainstream media or advertising – especially bodies that have nourished and grown a tiny human being. 

Choose clothes that fit. Wearing clothes that are too tight – and enormous are equally crushing. A few new items that celebrate your post baby curves does wonders for helping you love your body after having a baby.

Take selfies. Yes really! Capture those bigger boobs, curvier hips – you’ll never look quite this way again and looking back at them will help you love yourself all the more for all those miracles and changes.

Reasons to love your post-baby body