Unique & Unusual Baby Names Inspired By... Geography

Unique & unusual baby names inspired by countries, states and more..

Geography inspired baby names

Choosing a baby name is never easy, choosing something truly unique can be even harder! To make things a little easier for you, we've sifted through the data to find some of the more unique & unusual names inspired by geography. So if you’re looking to name your little one something slightly different, read on and get inspired.

Some of the more unusual names have been inspired by the US and the various states. For boy’s names, there’s Dallas, Denver and Memphis. Whilst back across the pond in the UK; Kent and York offer an alternative name you’re unlikely to hear too many other parents using at the local park. 

The choice is even more varied for girl’s names, with baby girls now sharing names with a variety of US states including Florida, Georgia, Montana and Virginia.

It’s not just locations that are offering up unusual names; with other geographically inspired names including Forrest, Sierra, Meadow and River giving you plenty of options away from the norm. 

Below we've compiled our Top 10 unique and unusual geographical names to help inspire you further. 

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Top 10 unique & unusual baby names inspired by geography:


1. Dallas
2. Glen
3. Troy
4. Orlando
5. Forrest
6. Phoenix
7. Denver
8. Kent
9. Oslo
10. Jordan


1. Aspen
2. Meadow
3. Vienna
4. Tulsa
5. Florida (Flo)
6. Catalina
7. Sahara
8. Eden
9. Lydia
10. India

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Unique & Unusual Baby Names Inspired By... Geography