Can’t decide between 2 names? Why not try a double-barrelled baby name?

Choosing double-barrelled names for babies are more popular than ever, take a look at our top 10 for boys and girls

Double-barrelled baby name ideas

Double-barrelled names are increasingly popular, here’s some ideas


There’s been a surge in double-barrel first names, whether it’s about social climbing or creativity - either way, classrooms are starting to see a lot more Amelia-Roses, Ellie-Mays and Billie-Jos.

Rose is probably the most popular choice - think Amelia-Rose, Summer-Rose, anything Rose really. 

Short names like Ava or Ada become quite exotic when you add Jane or Lucy and if you like Lily and Grace and can’t decide which one to use why not use a combination?

Boys names are less common but there are still a good few to choose from with less obvious choices including Kai and Grey. For movie fans, Dean (as in James-Dean) may be a step too far though….

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Popular double barrel names 


1. Rose (eg Amelia Rose)

2. Jo (eg Billie-Jo)

3. Mae/May (eg Ellie-May)

4. Grace (eg Lily-Grace)

5. Jane (eg Sarah-Jane)

6. Ann(e) (eg Elizabeth-Ann)

7. Lucy (eg Ada-Lucy)

8. Kate (eg Lizzy-Kate)

9. Jade (eg Daisy-Jade)

10. Leigh (Amy-Leigh)


1. James (eg Harvey-James)

2. Kai (eg Michael-Kai)

3. George/Jorge (eg Dylan-Jorge)

4. Lee (eg Isaac-Lee)

5. Jay (eg Aaron-Jay or AJ)

6. Paul (eg John-Paul)

7. Ray (eg Bailey-Ray)

8. Grey (eg Benjamin-Grey)

9. Jack (eg Alfie-Jack)

10. Dean (eg James-Dean)

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Can’t decide between 2 names? Why not try a double-barrelled baby name?